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Primal: Werewolf/Paranormal Erotica by Lane Masters


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Primal: Werewolf/Paranormal Erotica

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Relentless need, primitive desire, and heat flowing through his veins... As restlessness drives Dominic to prowl the historic city of Savannah, he catches the irresistible scent of a woman, a woman ripe for him--a woman being attacked by a drunken assailant. Dominic shifts to his dangerous, feral Wolf form, ready to protect this woman, Anna, at all costs. Will she want him, if she knows the dark secret of his true nature? Excerpt: His fists clenched as he fought down a sudden wave of adrenaline. The urge to change, to let the animal in him free was almost overpowering. He shoved the craving away, mindlessly wandering, his feet drawn to the streets. Then something stopped him cold. He stood rigidly still in the middle of the pedestrian street, his breath quickening and heart suddenly thudding. His fists clenched, his body tense. He suddenly felt hot and wild and delirious all at once. That scent. An irrationally enticing scent. The scent of Heat. Electricity surged through him at the hint of ripe pheromones on the breeze, and he turned silently, drawn like a moth to the tantalizing light. He did not stop to think. He simply responded, his stomach drawn into tight knots, primitive need flowing through his veins. His feet made no sound as strode down the dark alley, knowing, feeling that she was just around the corner. The animal in him sensed that she was ready, and it was all he could do to keep the animal in check, to prevent the Wolf from surging to the surface, from taking and marking her, drowning himself in the heat. He fought down the urge to break into a sprint, the human in him realizing that nothing would come from terrifying the woman ahead. Then a spicy, new tang filled the air. Fear, palpable on the wind. His feet had broken into a quick run before he even heard her frightened scream. Still silent, he rounded the corner, his eagle-sharp eyes instantly lighting on the man and woman at the other end of the street. The man appeared intoxicated, the odor of alcohol heavy on his person. He clutched at the young woman's arm, tugging at her. "Come on, Anna. You know you want me." The woman, an attractive brunette with a curvy figure, obviously wanted nothing of the sort. She tried to yank her arm away, but the drunken man only tugged her closer. Then her eyes lifted, locking with Dominic's. As their eyes met, he could feel her terror, her barely contained panic emanating from her in waves. The terrified energy flooded from her, her fear nearly consuming her. And still, she met his gaze without blinking. Dom did not even stop to form conscious thought. Rage surged through him with the power of a volcanic eruption, and the change was on him in an instant. The buttons of his sleeveless, black shirt popped off and the cloth fell in shreds around him as human chest and arms merged with Wolf body. He rushed forward, the claws of his hind legs ripping his jeans as he lunged.

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