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The Flintstone Experiment (Erotic Erotica BDSM TPE) by Selena Kitt


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The Flintstone Experiment (Erotic Erotica BDSM TPE)

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FROM BESTSELLING & AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR SELENA KITT OVER A MILLION BOOKS SOLD! ------------------ In a last ditch effort to save their marriage, Laura drags her husband, Rick, to a couples workshop.But Laura gets a little more than she bargained for when the workshop leader proposes a rather unorthodox experiment, leaving her helpless to her husbandメs whims. She finds herself wondering, will her man be a caveman or a gentlemanラand which one does she really want him to be? -------------------------- Note: This story originally appeared in the anthology Coming Together V1 Warnings: 18+ ONLY This title contains graphic language, sex, and mild elements of bdsm, domination and submission. -------------------------- モWhat are you doing?ヤ Rick asked from the bed as she picked up a banana and started to peel it. Oh, hell. She put it back down with a frown, her hands actually shaking with hunger now. When she turned to him, she saw that he was naked from the waist down, his white button-down shirt undone at the collar, his tie tossed over his pants on the chair. The shock must have shown on her face, because he chuckled. モCome here,ヤ he said. モAnd bring that banana.ヤ She came to sit next to him on the bed, handing over the yellow fruit with a wistful sigh. He took it and laid it on the other side of him, leaning back on a pillow and looking at her. モOne of the things that Iメve always loved about youナヤ He stroked the hand that she was using to prop herself up. モIs how proud you are. So proud of yourselfラand proud of me.ヤ She smiled at him, wrinkling her nose. モBut sometimes I think it gets in the wayナヤ He circled her wrist with his finger and thumb. She had small wrists and delicate hands. モDonメt you?ヤ She sighed and nodded. Her eyes skipped over him to the banana, her stomach growling loudly now. It was loud enough that they could both hear it. モI know youメre hungry,ヤ he said, acknowledging that he had heard the noise emanating from her middle. モAnd Iメm going to feed you, if youメre a good girl.ヤ Her eyes snapped up to meet his, blazing at him. モThere it is. Thatメs what Iメm talking about.ヤ He nodded, still smiling. モI think itメs time you swallowed some of that pride.ヤ モHere.ヤ He pulled up his shirt tails, and held his cock, which flopped limply over his fingers. モSuck.ヤ She stared at him, open-mouthed. What? No way! She shook her head, her mouth set in an angry, thin line, glaring at him. モYes.ヤ He sat up enough that he could grasp her by the hair, pulling her toward his crotch. She could have resisted, but it would have hurt her to jerk away. モSometimes you donメt know whatメs good for you. Trust that I do.ヤ She snorted, rolling her eyes. Good for me? She thought. A blowjob for him is good for me? What kind of twisted logic is this? Looking at the banana on the other side of his hip, she took his flaccid length into her mouth. Sheメd been doing this, or some variation of this, to him for ten years and she knew exactly how to get him hard. Her tongue worked back and forth over the frenulum as she made a circle with her thumb and forefinger around him. When his cock began to swell, she started taking him in from base to tip in long, cheek-hollowing sucks, doing it again and again until he was fully erect. モLook at me.ヤ He moved her hair out of her eyes. She didnメt take his cock out of her mouth, she just tilted her eyes up to him. モI love you. Do you know that?ヤ She pulled her head off his cock, opening and then closing her mouth. モJust nod, yes or no.ヤ He smiled, sliding her head back down onto him. Laura could feel her throat beginning to close with tears. She nodded, feeling his cock pulsing against her tongue. She had heard the words a thousand times from him, but this was different somehow. Something had changed, and she didnメt know what it was. モDo you love me?ヤ He caught one of her tears with his thumb as it fell. She nodded again, unable to stop the tears. She had never felt it so fully and completely as she did right now. He nodded, watching her tears falling. モSuck.ヤ He pressed his hand against the back of her head. She took him into her mouth again, as far as she could.

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