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Girls Only: The Hairdresser (erotic erotica lesbian ff sex) by Selena Kitt


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Girls Only: The Hairdresser (erotic erotica lesbian ff sex)

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FROM BESTSELLING & AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR SELENA KITT OVER ONE MILLION BOOKS SOLD! ------------------ Amandaメs hairdresser, Jen, has always been her confidante, champion and supporterラnothing short of someone she would call a モfriend.ヤ But when Jen discovers Amandaメs first gray hair at a routine appointment, it prompts a re-examination of more than just Amandaメs roots. As the two women commiserate about the dangers of getting older, they discover more in common than bad boyfriendsラand a day of beauty and pampering turns into a night of sexual discovery and pleasure. Selena Kitt Single Short StoryラBig Bang! (approx 5,000 words) Warning: This title contains hot panty-melting girl-on-girl action! EXCERPT: Jen laughed, stretching out on the bed beside me on her belly, mirroring my posture, kicking her feet up behind her. モWell, who needs them?ヤ モMen?ヤ I smiled. モYeah.ヤ She turned her face to me, her eyes bright, curious. We were both more than a little drunk. モTell me the truthラwho do you have better orgasms with, Tom or your vibrator?ヤ モWellナヤ I pretended to consider this, but there was really only one answer. She grinned. モYeah, me too.ヤ モWhat kind of vibrator do you have?ヤ I pushed the photo album aside, turning toward her. モWant to see it?ヤ Her offer caught me off guard, making my heart race, but I wasnメt about to turn her down. モYeah, sure.ヤ She went to the place every girl keeps her vibratorラher underwear drawerラand pulled it out, looking both a little shy and a little proud. I had a few vibrators of my own, simple, streamlined things, but this was a monster, at least a foot long with a bright pink dick-head and what looked likeラI swear to godラa rabbit attached to the base. モDamn, girlラthatメs not a vibrator, thatメs a party in your pants!ヤ モIt feels soooo good.ヤ Jenメs eyes sparkled as she sat next to me on the bed, still holding the thing. Up close, I could see all the buttons and controls at the base, and yes, that was a little silicone rabbit attached. モWant to try it?ヤ モAre you serious?ヤ I was just asking to be sure. My pussy was already soaking wet from being around her all night long. Jenメs shoulders sagged and she started to get up. モIメm sorry, I shouldnメt haveラヤ モNo, wait.ヤ My hand on her arm was electric, like weメd completed a circuit the moment I touched her. モI want to. I want to butナヤ モBut what?ヤ モI just wish we had two. So we could bothナ you knowナヤ I flushed. There was no sense not going forward with it now. モOtherwise it might be awkward.ヤ モI doubt that, but youメre in luck.ヤ She smirked, handing me the pink vibrator and going back to her underwear drawer. She pulled out another vibrator, this one more familiar to me. Just a plain flesh-colored dildo with a simple dial control at the bottom. モThis one isnメt quite as fun as that one, but itメll do.ヤ She took the initiative, unbuttoning her jeans and sliding them over her slim hips. She was gorgeous, every glorious inch of her. Her panties were gone in an instant, revealing the truth sheメd stated earlierラJen wasnメt a real blonde at all. Her pussy was nicely trimmed, thoughラwhat else could you expect from a hairdresser?ラa neat little landing strip on top and completely shaved down below. I wanted to see her breasts too, but she was already climbing onto the bed, shoving the photo albums to the floor and stretching out beside me. Iメd been too stunned by the sight of her to do anything with the vibrator in my hand, but when she spread her legs and turned hers on, I remembered my own. モOhhhh yes.ヤ Her eyes closed as she teased the fake cock head between her smooth lips, the buzz of it filling the room. モSo good.ヤ

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