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Ms Patriot: Biggs Bimbos (Super Heroines in Peril) by Don Ship
Ms Patriot: Biggs Bimbos (Super Heroines in Peril)
by Don Ship
Price: $2.99 USD
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Super heroine in peril fiction at its finest! Grimme City's super heroines are young, hot, and descended of the legendary Viking Valkyrie. The city's criminal population isn't the least bit respectful of their demi-divinity, and only dream of getting their hands on those goodie two shoe busybodies. Now two super powered thugs have taken to forcing the city's richest, most respected women into vile prostitution. Super heroines to the rescue! Unfortunately, super powered men are rare, so super heroines are not used to dealing with them, so the vivacious vigilantes are starting to fall before the super-powered brothers' onslaught, and being forced to walk the streets for them instead of rescuing the other victims. Ms Patriot to the rescue! As the city's most successful, respected super heroine, she is determined to avoid the same mistakes as her vigilante comrades. But the Biggs Brothers have a distinct advantage ï¾— two against one. What will Ms Patriot have to do to prevail? Can she defeat two super powered villains and save her sisters in sexual slavery? Or will she be captured and forced to join them in the gutter? Warning: This super heroine in peril, urban fantasy story has sizzling hot and explicit consensual sex, bondage, and forced prostitution all given to sexy super heroines by a wicked, super powered street pimps. This is a story of approximately 28,000 words. Except: Jake wasn't super strong, but his fist was so fast it was like being hit by a super. Her head was spinning, and her body sluggish. Ms Patriot slowly rolled to hands and knees, scowling and embarrassed. Why did she always have such trouble with the Biggs Brothers? Couldn't she ever get one of them alone? "She really fell for you, Bro," Hank said, grabbing her by the hair and jerking her to stiletto heeled feet. Then he ran her straight into a wall. "Hey, look, one of her tits popped out. How embarrassing for her." Ms Patriot groaned and slid down the wall, but managed to turn and sit instead of dropping into a crumpled pile. She shook her head, struggling to regain her wits. The statuesque super heroine knew she didn't have much time. The Biggs Brothers were dumb as dirt, but they had a knack for beating people down. Lifelong thugs. "Here, I'll take care of that," Jake said, grinning. He kicked it into high speed, and raced straight at the dazed super heroine. The super fast criminal was almost on her, ready to snatch away her top as he passed at super speed. But at the last second she kicked up and connected with his groin. "Uuuuggghhhh!" "You boys obviously are in serious need of a lesson on how to properly treat a lady," Ms Patriot said, rising to her feet. Thanks to her power belt combined and working with her Valkyrie gened body, she recovered quickly from injuries that would keep a normal woman down for hours. "And I'm just the woman to do it." "Yeah, right," Hank said. "You showed us that you are no lady, Patriot, last time we tangled. You were a prim and proper lady, up until penetration, and then the wet, wild, and wanton whore within was freed." About the Author: Don has been hooked on sexy super heroines since the day he watched Frau Fausta Grables chloroform and capture Wonder Woman on TV. It was a simple step from there into super heroines in peril stories. Now he writes his own characters, and it having the time of his life doing so.