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Creamy Pleasures: Maisy by Ava Logan
Creamy Pleasures: Maisy
by Ava Logan
Price: $2.99 USD
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After being a surrogate, Maisy’s bosom is overflowing with breast milk when she meets Ryan while travelling

Ryan, a lonely and wealthy businessman, is delighted when he makes the acquaintance of such a beautiful and curvaceous woman…a woman straight out of his dreams.

What starts out as a casual meeting quickly escalates into a mutual arrangement that fulfills both of their needs.
Malia: Hucow Wife by Ava Logan
Malia: Hucow Wife
by Ava Logan
Price: $2.99 USD
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Distraught when her husband, Eric no longer touches her, Malia searches to find a way to get his attention.
When she inadvertently discovers Eric’s secret pet play fetish, Malia is not put off but rather turned on.
Now Malia will take her already large breasts to a new level making them engorged with milk in order to be a good HuCow and fulfill her and Eric’s fantasy.

This 5,000+ word short story contains lactation, milking, and spanking.
Malia: HuCow Wife is an erotic romance pet play fantasy and is intended for adults only.
Milked at the Office by Ava Logan
Milked at the Office
by Ava Logan
Price: $2.99 USD
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With breasts that produce more milk than she could ever use, Carly is embarrassed when she leaks through her top at the office.
When a concerned coworker and her boss offer Carly some unconventional relief, she dabbles in a little after work pet play and discovers the HuCow inside.

(MFF, Ménage)
First Time Hucow: Sonja by Ava Logan
First Time Hucow: Sonja
by Ava Logan
Price: $2.99 USD
( 0 )
As her body changed and her breasts swelled from pregnancy, Sonja’s husband began to lose interest in her. Repulsed by her lactating bosom, they now sleep in separate rooms with no physical contact, leaving her feeling alone and rejected.
When young Randy shows her how a beautiful HuCow should be treated, Sonja will agree to anything he wants in order to continue being pleasured…even when Randy suggests inviting a few friends over.

Warning: This erotic short story is intended for adults only and contains…. MILF, MMFM group/Multi-partner, human cow milking, and pet play.